CAMLE believes that the following components are necessary to create and support high performing middle schools that provide for the high academic achievement and positive personal growth of young adolescents, aged 10-15 years.

​We support, and advocate for, the following Middle Level Education components:

Academic Excellence
  • Setting high expectations for all students and providing equal opportunities to succeed
  • Use of a standards-based curriculum and a variety of appropriate assessment practices
  • Design appropriate professional development of teachers and administrators.

Social Equity
  • Equal access to opportunities for participation and success in academic, exploratory and extra-curricular activities
  • Preparation for Middle Level Educators & On-Going Professional Development
  • For teachers, principals & counselors who want to educate young adolescents, special preparation and licensure
  • Appropriate and relevant content preparation for middle level educators
  • Appropriate state license testing for middle grades educators/administrators
  • On-going preparation in the appropriate research-based middle level education effective teaching practices

Developmentally Responsive Environment for the Young Adolescent
  • Use of appropriate instructional strategies for the cognitive, social, psychological, language and literacy development of young adolescents
  • A positive discipline model
  • Active engagement and involvement of parents and community

Variety of Organizational Arrangements & Structures
  • Flexible use of time and grouping of students
  • Collaborative teaming among teachers and with administrators
  • Curriculum that is integrative and exploratory
  • Student advocacy and advisement

Colorado Association of Middle Level Education


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