W.I.N. - What's Important Now - YOU!!

6 Nov 2022 9:59 AM | Paige Jennings (Administrator)

By: Carrie Yantzer

“If you are okay, everything and everyone around you will be okay.” This is a something my beautiful mother said to me daily.  I never understood what this statement meant until after she passed away at the young age of 54.  What we “GET” to do as school leaders should be our PASSION not just a JOB. Having a W.I.N. perspective (What’s Important Now) is about making the time to focus on YOU!  Our own personal self/care and wellness is something we often put on “hold” as school leaders.  But before we can take care of our students, staff, and others we MUST take care of ourselves.  

When is the last time you intentionally focused on YOU?  The W.I.N. Perspective is realizing that what’s important now is you.  As a school leader you need to take care of your body, heart, mind, and purpose. When we intentionally focus on making sure we are okay, everything and everyone around us will also be okay.  

BODY (physical): This is your overall physical health.  

Are you eating healthy?  

Are you drinking water?  

Are you taking breaks? 

 Have you given your eyes a break from the screen? 

 Are you sleeping?

HEART (emotional):  School leaders we are natural nurturers to others, and we often empty our own fuel tanks of life for others.  We are always giving ourselves for the greater good.  Emotionally are you setting clear boundaries on your time and energy?   

Who are the influencers in your life? 

Are you spending time with people you care about and who care about you?

MIND (psychological):  When was the last time you took time for personal reflection? 

Have you noticed your own feelings and thoughts?  

Have you made time for you to learn, think and grow?   

PURPOSE (spirituality):  This is your ability to connect to your inner “why” of life. This is about you, if you pray, pray, if you meditate, mediate. Visualize your own purpose.  

Have you looked for ways to affirm your own purpose?  

Are you letting your purpose drive your mission and vision? 

W.I.N. can come in a variety of ways for each individual and it’s important to take the time to identify what a W.I.N looks like for you. 

Carrie Yantzer, Leadership Development Strategist for Capturing Kids’ Hearts and Retired Middle School Principal 

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